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Central Louisiana's Premiere
Middle Eastern Dance Troupe
The History of Belly Dance

Belly dancing is one of the oldest forms of dance.  It
began in the Middle East and North Africa over 3,500
years ago.  There are many styles of belly dance, with
each region having its own influence on the dance --
from dance moves to music to costumes.  A dancer may
use a variety of props  or accessories, such as zills (tiny
finger cymbals), scarves, swords, canes, fans, candles,
shamadan (candelabra) and Isis wings.  Belly dancing
has multiple health benefits such as increased
cardiovascular endurance, stress relief, muscular
control, flexibility, and spatial awareness.  Considered a
weight bearing exercise, it can also help to prevent
osteoporosis.  It is a way to express oneself through the
music and the dance.  On top of that, it is just fun!

The Daughters of Scheherazade is an American
Cabaret style Middle Eastern dance troupe based
in Alexandria, LA.  We have been dancing at
community events, festivals, pageants, assisted
living facilities, and private parties for over 10
years.  In addition to cabaret style dance, we also
perform folkloric styles of dance and each of our
dancers is encouraged to develop their own unique
style through costuming,  solo performances, and
dance props.

Third Place winner in an International Troupe
competition, August 2008!

Next Class Starts Oct. 5
Classes meet Mondays
6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

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